Will Darsey Carlton, Sr.
Rotarian of the Quarter (Q1 2013–2014)

Will D. Carlton, Sr.
Will D. Carlton, Sr.

Will Carlton, Sr., was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He attended the University of Texas and University of California and received an MBA from Ohio State University. He served eleven years in the United States Navy Submarine Service. After 35 years with Asea Brown Boveri (ABB), he retired as VP Regional Operations. Will has three sons—Will, Jr., Ron, and Doug—and six grandchildren.

When Will joined the Rotary Club of Fairhope in 2007, proposed for membership by his son Will, Jr., he continued within Rotary a well-established program of personal and family philanthropy that had, for example, helped to support an orphanage and library in Mexico and organized fundraisers for local citizens in financial need.

After joining Rotary, Will turned his attention to the local Fairhope–Point Clear Rotary Youth Club, and after the club had held several modestly successful “pancake breakfast” fundraisers at a restaurant in Daphne, Will, believing that fund raising should be local, took it upon himself to move the event to Fairhope. He quietly organized a very successful event in 2013 and the next year persuaded the board of directors to take it on as a club project. The February 1, 2014, event garnered widespread community support (all supplies and services donated, including the help of “Celebrity Waiters”) and cleared nearly $5,000 for the Youth Club.

For several years Will has been crucial in the planning of the club’s annual steak cookoff fundraiser, patiently negotiating with the City, local merchants, and the ABC Board to obtain the necessary liquor license, event permit, street closure, and general City support. The experience he has gained in working with these groups has been invaluable to each year’s cookoff chairman.

Will has also served since 2008 as Family of Rotary chairman, working quietly behind the scenes to arrange social events for club members and their families, including participation in the City’s New Year’s Eve celebration and the semimonthly Supper Club meetings initiated by President Howard Eddy. The Supper Club invites members and their spouses and any guests they want to invite to get together at a different restaurant each time for a Dutch-treat meal. These have had a very beneficial effect on the esprit de corps of the club.

On March 30, 2014, at his “State of the City” presentation, Fairhope Mayor Tim Kant recognized Will as Volunteer of the Year. In May, Will received the Jerry Brunson “Unsung Hero” Award from District 6880 (see here for a description of the award).

Anil Vira
Rotarian of the Quarter (Q2 2013–2014)

Anil Vira

Anil was born and grew up in Fairhope. Since 1983, his family have owned and operated Baron’s Inn there. Anil joined the Rotary Club of Fairhope in 1999 and almost immediately became involved in club activities. As Club Service chairman every year from 2002–2003 to 2010–2011, Anil showed special talent in planning for club socials, including several excursions (with dinner) to visit special exhibitions at the Gulf Coast Exploreum in Mobile. As Family of Rotary chair in charge of Fellowship for 2013–2014, he coordinates with Family of Rotary: Supper Club chairman Will Carlton, Sr., to plan semimonthly Supper Club meetings, at which club members and their spouses or other guests try out a variety of local restaurants. These Dutch-treat meals are open to any member who cares to come and are scheduled on various weeknights to accommodate individual schedules. Anil and his wife, Pallavi, are usually in attendance, sometimes accompanied by one or both of their children, son Milin and daughter Anjali.

Jason Thomas
Rotarian of the Quarter (Q3 2013–2014)

Sid Vogel
Rotarian of the Quarter (Q4 2013–2014)

James Allen
Rotarian of the Year (2013–2014)

James Allen
James Allen

Even before James Allen joined the Rotary Club of Fairhope in 2010, he had participated in one of the club’s water project mission trips to Honduras, and his sustained participation and interest in this and other projects has led to his taking on the three-year position of Rotary Foundation/Grants chairman for the club. In this position James serves as a member of the club’s board of directors; he joined the board as Service Projects chair in 2012–2013.

James also serves on the board of directors of the Fairhope–Point Clear Rotary Youth Club and has been active in fund raising for that club, of which he is also a supporter. He has been active in planning for our club’s annual steak cookoff fundraiser, and his business, Mellow Mushroom (several franchises), has been a major sponsor of the event. Mellow Mushroom also sponsors the club’s monthly Four-Way Test Award for scholar-athletes at Fairhope High School.

Outside of Rotary, James is a supporter of the Home of Grace for Women, the athletic Booster Club, and his church’s mission activities.