Meeting Recordings

Recordings of our meetings will be posted here as they become availableZoom Cloud recordings are available for a limited time (60 days). Viewing any one of these recordings can be counted as a makeup if reported to the club secretary.

January 10, 2024: Chris Shrader, “Date the Rate, Marry the House”
Passcode: Z&a3h2%^

January 3, 2024: Kent Zimmerman and Mary Gottschalk, “Iceland and Greenland”
Passcode: &078Q9p3

December 13, 2023: Christmas Music
Passcode: P!fmHz7Y

December 6, 2023: Matt Aubrey, “Built to Scale”
No recording

November 29, 2023: Miscellaneous [no audio]
Passcode: 69yo#Bi?

November 15, 2023: Jeff Hauge, “Athletics at Bayshore Christian School”
Passcode: V6*G5a4&

November 8, 2023: Mark Martin, “What’s REAL with Baldwin County Real Estate”
Passcode: fCC&d6b4

November 1, 2023: Zoe Lombard-Todd, Children’s Dance Theatre’s A Fairhope Nutcracker
No recording

October 18, 2023: William Hanes, founder/owner of Provision Fairhope, “The Story of Provision”Passcode: ^4vx%7E. (the period is part of the passcode)

October 11, 2023: Historian Alan Samry, “The Baldwin County Historical Society Turns 100”
Passcode: Ax03%&7d

October 4, 2023: Blake Martin, Connexus Clinic
Passcode: WCV57$n%

September 27, 2023: Earl Ingram, governor of Rotary International District 6880
Passcode: pnz%3?E. (include the period)

September 20, 2023: Ali AdaliGöbekli Tepe, a temple that new archeological findings date as the oldest in Turkey
Passcode: c$#0ha0n

September 13, 2023: Richard Keller, author of SpeedQuest: Inside the Blue Flame, the making of the rocket-propelled car that set the world land speed record in 1970.
Passcode: s%*B@D7E

September 6, 2023: PDG Bob Callahan and Suzanne Barnhill, “Our Foundation—What on Earth Was Arch Thinking?”
Passcode: Pp9m*C#9

August 30, 2023: Becky Jones, “Travels with Clarence,” recalling trips she and Bill have taken with Clarence and Sandra Bishop