Meeting Recordings

Recordings of our meetings will be posted here as they become available. Zoom Cloud recordings are available for a limited time (60 days). Viewing any one of these recordings can be counted as a makeup if reported to the club secretary.

September 20, 2023: Ali Adali, Göbekli Tepe, a temple that new archeological findings date as the oldest in Turkey
Passcode: c$#0ha0n

September 13, 2023: Richard Keller, author of SpeedQuest: Inside the Blue Flame, the making of the rocket-propelled car that set the world land speed record in 1970.
Passcode: s%*B@D7E

September 6, 2023: PDG Bob Callahan and Suzanne Barnhill, “Our Foundation—What on Earth Was Arch Thinking?”
Passcode: Pp9m*C#9

August 30, 2023: Becky Jones, “Travels with Clarence,” recalling trips she and Bill have taken with Clarence and Sandra Bishop
Passcode: s4*UK#tS

August 16, 2023: Alan Samry and Gabriel Gold-Vukson, their new book, Fairhope Past and Present
Passcode: *B8jtnTk

August 9, 2023: Dr. Holly Pursley, Thomas Hospital’s new Travel Medicine Clinic
Passcode: cG8k#*02

August 2, 2023: Murray Mozingo, Garden Coach
Passcode: 0d+uUy%Q

July 26, 2023: PDG Michael Chambers, Innovate Alabama
Passcode: Q42i*AiE

July 19, 2023: Brian Lorenzato, report on cookoff results and announcement of plans and goals for his term
Passcode: H=88Q*L&

July 12, 2023: Shawn Graham, Director, Hope Community, plans for community development
Passcode: s9zuP^uC

June 21, 2023: Josh Turner and Rudy Pottorff, National Fitness Campaign, information on the proposed Fitness Court®
Passcode: aR%WFNM1

June 14, 2023: Cast of Nunsense, A sneak peek at this year’s SummerTide Theatre production, staged by the University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance
Passcode: 8@+c!6Fe

June 7, 2023: Marty Heslin, MD, MSHA, Executive Director of the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute at the University of South Alabama, “Mitchell Cancer Institute: Progress and Partnerships”
Passcode: 64d^lU3$

May 31, 2023: Steak Cookoff post-mortem [no recording available]

May 24, 2023: Juanita Harvin of Pensacola Suburban West Rotary, a recent European trip to deliver humanitarian donations to families, orphans, and a hospital in West Ukraine
Passcode: 5WnF$3mH

May 17, 2023: David Gibson, owner of Judge Roy Bean Spirits,  “Discovering Alabama Bourbon”
Passcode: @H7z9HTj

May 10, 2023: Information and instructions for the upcoming steak cookoff
Passcode: &2cQEj&s

May 3, 2023: Adaina Biggs, “Empowering the Community”
Passcode: B8=N7$Yv

April 26, 2023: Various members, impromptu book reviews (scheduled speaker did not show)
Passcode: gTx2!%d6

April 19, 2023: William Strickland, Executive Director, Mobile Baykeeper (no audio)
Passcode: KAo2K^9U

April 12, 2023: Blake Bauer Memorial Service Award presentation (no recording)

April 5, 2023: Chris Scelfo, “My Career in Coaching Football”
Passcode: v!=SG6t0

March 29, 2023: Dwayne Lee, historian and creator of Southern Flair Photography, Past President of Arlington (Texas) Rotary Club, “Revisiting D-Day”
Passcode: Y7*QcRJ!

March 22, 2023: Jay Jackson, steel guitar player with Jason Adean, “What It’s Like to Tour with a Country Music Star”
Passcode: 89F%?c99

March 15, 2023: Chris Shrader, results of our vision casting
Passcode: 9U5?Hj%T

March 8, 2023: Darren McClellan, Senior Pastor, FUMC, Baldwin Family Village
Passcode: Ui3L!W2t

March 1, 2023: Greg Leeson, “Ordinary People, Extraordinary Lives”
Passcode: e05Tw*j&

February 22, 2023: PDG Jerry Blacklaw, his trip to San Juan Tilapa with Heart 2 Heart
Passcode: %P+Bew01

February 15, 2023: Aimee Risser, Big Brothers Big Sisters
Passcode: SUL7Bat+

February 8, 2023: Lynn Oldshue, creator of Our Southern Souls, “Stories Around Us”
Passcode: 1P1K2Za#

February 1, 2023: Andolyn Fitzgerald, President, Eastern Shore Chapter, National Charity League
Passcode: +NVMH8Xz

January 18, 2023: Club Meeting
Passcode: @5a566+$

January 11, 2023: Zach Sierke, “My Life in Pottery”
Passcode: WXh*2$PT

January 4, 2023: Garrett Williamson, Personal Edge Fitness, “The Lie of Age”
Passcode: k&@^9476

December 14, 2022: Holly G. Pursley, Thomas Hospital Internal Medicine Residency Program
Passcode: C#8XBx=&

November 30, 2022: Benjamin Carabin, “An Exposé of the Clothing Industry”
Passcode: 8W+%h0z5

November 9, 2022: Bob Durand, “Trop Rock for Our Vets Performance at Post 199”
Passcode: Jy02$2D%

November 2, 2022: Sheriff Hoss Mack, update on law enforcement
Passcode: Passcode: 6S+0A5XE

October 19, 2022: Gerry Garcia, Commander, American Legion Post 199, plans for “revitalization” of the American Legion building
Passcode: aQ3C4C!Y

October 12, 2022: Randal Wright, President, Friends of the Fairhope Public Library and member of the library’s Board of Trustees, and Tamara Dean, Director, Fairhope Public Library, “Fairhope Public Library: Building for the Future” (FPL Capital Campaign)
Passcode: +N6er3*c

October 5, 2022: Past District Governors Jerry BlacklawLinda Mong, and Bob Callahan, “Heart 2 Heart programs of Rotary Zones 30 and 31” [no recording]

September 28, 2022: Dr. Craig Pouncey, President, Coastal Alabama Community College, history of CACC and some of the new programs it offers [no recording]

September 21, 2022: Dell Goodwin, Governor, Rotary International District 6880
Passcode: anB0D&.d

September 14, 2022: Jessica Waters, Public Information Officer & Communications Specialist, Baldwin County Emergency Management Agency, “Emergency Preparedness”
Passcode: #kQP5d$P

September 7, 2022: Miranda Schrubbe, a volunteer with Neighborhood Bridges, and Anna Barrett, a social worker at Fairhope High School, “An update on how Neighborhood Bridges is driving direct local giving to students and families in need”
Passcode: V7AE+5yP

August 31, 2022: K. K. Gross, Audiology Account Manager, Cognivue, “Determining Cognitive Health in Aging Populations” [no recording]

August 24, 2022: Deann Servos,  Executive Director, Prodisee Pantry
Passcode: @dq5$Lbw

August 17, 2022: Sydnee Cantley, Miss Gulf Coast 2023, “Adolescent Wellness Checkups”
Passcode: @dq5$Lbw

July 20, 2022: Kevin Stark, retired Navy SEAL, “Making Navy SEALs”
Passcode: nS%#Wy7z

July 13, 2022: Dennis Hayford, Area Director, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, “The Purpose of FCA and Its Local Initiatives”
Passcode: 01*PmjA#

July 6, 2022: The Honorable Champ Lyons, Jr., former Alabama Supreme Court justice, “Thoughts on Legal and Judicial Reform”
Passcode: ^YHQ7.0=

June 22, 2022: General Janet Cobb, history of the USS Alabama and the current Battleship Park
Passcode: ?vb??S9R

June 15, 2022: Cast members of Smoke on the Mountain Homecoming, this year’s SummerTide Theatre production by students of the University of Alabama’s Department of Theatre & Dance
Passcode: ^3DA5d0$

June 8, 2022: Christopher Jones, “The Sharing Economy”
Passcode: 0+i?IsK5

June 1, 2022: Ryan Robinson, Konbit Haiti
Passcode: E6+$aIWR

May 25, 2022: Kevin Stark, former NAVY SEAL, the Badwater Ultramarathon, a 135-mile race in Death Valley, California, to raise funds for the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s Operation Rebound
Passcode: 69%ncNTx

May 18, 2022: Kacie Hardman, Pelican’s Nest Science Lab
Passcode: 4E%2@uj$

May 4, 2022: Chris Shrader et al., plans for the steak cookoff
Passcode: Y=&y9!Ec

April 27, 2022: Todd Greer, Executive Director, Mobile’s Innovation Portal
Passcode: GR^02RM%

April 20, 2022: Captain Willis Arnold, USN (ret.), cyberwarfare
Passcode: +DgzHu32

April 13, 2022: Dr. Darren M. McClellan, Senior Pastor, Fairhope United Methodist Church, “FUMC and the Future Baldwin Family Village”
Passcode: Al7RW=in

March 30, 2022: Brian Goodbody, Chief Warrant Officer, USCG; Marine Inspector at U.S. Coast Guard Sector Mobile, coast guard vessel inspections [not recorded]

March 23, 2022: Rhydonna Moseley, Fairhope Educational Enrichment Foundation
Passcode: 2Xx9U&@T

March 16, 2022: Mary Gottschalk, talking about her memoir, Sailing Down the Moonbeam
Passcode: ?WLep#0?

March 2, 2022: Andy Tubertini, Community Service/Disaster Relief chair, and Gary Oos, District 6880 Disaster Relief Committee
Passcode: 4MC+Y1sJ

February 23, 2022: Rear Admiral Dion D. English, Director, Logistics, Fleet Supply and Ordnance, N4, U.S. Pacific Fleet, Mobile Navy Week Observance
Passcode: .E95uRps

February 16, 2022: Brad Pitts, Synergy Laboratories, testing for COVID and other testing
Passcode: dM?6r5$&

February 9, 2022: Monde Donaldson, Vice President, Better Business Bureau Serving Central & South Alabama, “How the BBB Can Help Consumers”
Passcode: gGA6^Z0R

February 2, 2022: Stephen Savage and Chris Shrader, photos of previous steak cookoffs and report on status of and plans for the 2022 cookoff
Passcode: R3#UdE^5

January 26, 2022: Jack Jones, “Forgiveness, the Value of Community, and Living Life to the Fullest”
Passcode: Qn9LE4?A

January 19, 2022: Kent Zimmerman and Mary Gottschalk, “Trekking to the High Himalayas to Support Cancer Victims”
Passcode: a5ble$?3

January 5, 2022: Chris Haley, “Development in Fairhope”
Passcode: dyXC0?W8

December 15, 2021: Christmas Music Program
Passcode: 43W5jyu@

December 8, 2021: PDG Bob Callahan on The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International and PolioPlus
Passcode: ^3a!vn94

December 1, 2020: Club Meeting with Happy Dollars
Passcode: 1??5mInu

November 17, 2021: Jacob Flowers on leadership
Passcode: !Tr3xBuY

November 10, 2021: Tiffaney Plato et al. on “The Academy at Fairhope Airport.”
Passcode: #=6gaqJk

October 13, 2021: Jamison Creel of the Mars Hill Initiative
Passcode: &+0FUOZ9

October 6, 2021: Andy Tubertini and members of the Disaster Response Team with stories and photos from their recent trip to Louisiana following Hurricane Ida.
Passcode: MZ$pP.4Y

September 22, 2021: Elizabeth Wix, Regional Director in Alabama for the Society of St. Andrew, talking about the Society of St. Andrew Alabama Gleaning Network (AGN).
Passcode: vU0pY^q4

September 15, 2021: Lee Lawson, President and CEO, Baldwin County Economic Development Alliance
Passcode: %M3gj%Su

August 25, 2021: Club Meeting. Our scheduled speaker canceled, so we had a variety of presentations from members.
Passcode: P44+jC+V

June 23, 2021: Ben Raines, journalist, filmmaker, and environmental activist, His latest book, Saving America’s Amazon
Passcode: yB=W0t+4

June 16, 2021: Kerrie Benson, Gulf Coast Coordinator, Children’s of Alabama, and Executive Director, Dance Without Limits, Children’s of Alabama, autism, and Dance Without Limits
Passcode: 0cj?^Cj*

June 9, 2021: SummerTide players (students from the University of Alabama Department of Theatre & Dance, Sneak preview of Starting Here, Starting Now, the 2021 SummerTide Theatre production
Passcode: 6lA#==3b

June 2, 2021: Club Meeting
Passcode: B4Z2$B#Z

May 26, 2021: Hon. Michelle M. Thomason, Presiding District Judge, 28th Judicial Circuit Court of Alabama, Baldwin County Veterans Court
Passcode: 76*p#^Hr

May 19, 2021: Jacob Ludwikowski, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Development/Executive Director of the Jaguar Athletic Fund, Sport Administration – Men’s and Women’s Golf, University of South Alabama, What to look forward to in USA athletics, especially the the upcoming football season in brand-new Hancock Whitney Stadium
Passcode: R77N*2zj

May 12, 2021: Bob Weltlich, former USA basketball coach, Proposed First Responders monument
Passcode: DvHk@Qk4

May 5, 2021: Marina Simpson, Executive Director, United Way of Baldwin County, the work of United Way
Passcode: $5k5*Mq9

April 28, 2021: Pizza Party at the Rotary Youth Club
Passcode: IZ84?h7Y

April 21, 2021: Randal Wright, president, Friends of the Fairhope Public Library, the work and programs of the Friends
Passcode: $9#v@ms8

April 14, 2021: William “Bill E.” Stitt, Owner & Head Bacon Maker, Bill-E’s Restaurant and Bill-E’s Small Batch Bacon, “How to make bacon”
Passcode: Y@f?7iLk

April 7, 2021: Griffin Smith, Fairhope High School Interact president, his experience at RYLA (not recorded)

March 31, 2021: Connie Whitaker, Executive Director, South Alabama Land Trust, SALT and Bald Eagle Bash (May 22)
Passcode: 8X*@h8FN

March 24, 2021: Ruth Cook, author of Magic in Stone: The Sylacauga Marble Story, The history of the “Marble City” quarry, whose product can be seen in the U.S. Supreme Court
Passcode: tdB+*@b5

March 17, 2021: Alodia Arnold, publisher, Fairhope Living, “What Fairhope Living Is and Does”
Passcode: @u4ptdAD

March 10, 2021: Sherry Sullivan, Mayor, City of Fairhope, “The First 100 Days”
Passcode: AFQ!NYB6

March 3, 2021: Chad Jackson and Brian Lorenzato, Classification Talks
Passcode: jx08My*4

February 24, 2021: Sally Pearsall Ericson, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Bellingrath Gardens and Home, “Bellingrath’s Beer and Blooms” Event on March 6
Passcode: sUZ8!t6=

February 17, 2021: Rachel Byers, Byers, Byers & Associates, P.C., recipient of this year’s Nappie Award for Best CPA, “PPP Loans and Tax Benefits for Small Business Owners Due to the Pandemic”
Passcode: u*AC02Sv

February 10, 2021: William C. “Bill” Hixson, M.D., USA MCI Kilborn Clinic, staff radiation oncologist and associate professor of Interdisciplinary Clinical Oncology, “Advances in Radiation Oncology: Improving Outcomes and Quality of Life for Men Who Are Part of the 1 in 8”
Passcode: gVG9h%1j

February 3, 2021: Jessica Kirk, M.D., “The Pediatric Hospitalist Program at Thomas Hospital”
Passcode: !JP0QAD?

January 27, 2021: Jerry Blacklaw, Governor, Rotary International District 6880, Official Visit
Passcode: duK@fX6l

January 20, 2021: Dr. Mark Fagan, “Economic Development in Baldwin County from 1860 to 1960”
Passcode: 1xis#d79

January 13, 2021: Pam Hunter and Frank DeBlasi of the Baller Dream Foundation, which is dedicated to raising the spirits of children, young adults, and their families battling all forms of cancer.
Passcode: K#%.2S6A

November 11, 2020: Frank Connell, the work of the U.S. Armed Forces Honor Guard of Baldwin County and its need for new, younger members
Passcode: fy2xkw&.

October 28, 2020: Tom Bailey, author of The Five Capitals of Alabama, “The Five Capitals of Alabama”
Passcode: Ld0Ts2&@

October 21, 2020: Club Meeting, with various announcements.
Passcode: 7b=Ke^#g

October 14, 2020: Paula Renee Carter, Academic Dean, Baldwin County Public Schools: Virtual vs. traditional classes and how the students are adjusting in the COVID-19 era

October 7, 2020: Mike Bunn, Director, Historic Blakeley State Park: His forthcoming book, Fourteenth Colony: The Forgotten Story of the Gulf South During America’s Revolutionary Era

September 30, 2020: Joe Savage, founder of Roads of Hope: “Rescuing Orphans Before They Get Trafficked”

September 23, 2020: Adwiti Subba Haffner: “Benefits of Meditation”

September 9, 2020: Casey Gay Williams, President, Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce: The role of the Chamber of Commerce to help small businesses during the pandemic

September 7, 2020: Cecile Godfrey, Director of Operations, CPHomes: The effect of the pandemic on the senior living industry

August 26, 2020: Rob Holbert, Co-publisher/Managing Editor, Lagniappe: The future of print newspapers and how the pandemic has affected Lagniappe

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