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The club’s collection includes a motley assortment of other banners, some of them not even Rotary-related. For example, this banner appears to be for a Swedish football (soccer) team, not a Rotary club!

And this banner is from a cruise ship. Although proposals have periodically been presented to Rotary’s triennial Council on Legislation to allow attendance at a shipboard “service club” meeting to count as a makeup, this has never been approved. Nonetheless, members still attend and enjoy these meetings, and at least once a member brought home a banner from the meeting.

SS Stella Solaris

The banner below is deceptive, appearing not to fall into any geographical category. With the proliferation of e-clubs, it would be easy to assume that this is one such. In fact, it is clear from the club’s website that it is actually a physical club located in Media, Pennsylvania, USA!

 Media, PA, USA

Banners on the linked pages fall into a variety of categories.

Another banner that defies categorization is this one that was issued to promote a 2001–2002 membership recruitment initiative.

Rotary's Global Quest

We have also received patches in recognition of our contributions to PolioPlus and the 2019 Rotary Rose Parade float.