The “College of Rotary Knowledge,” more formally known as the New Members Committee of the Rotary Club of Fairhope, is a five-session orientation program for new members. You can learn more about the history and rationale of the College here. In this program, new members learn by teaching each other through reports on various subjects at each meeting. In addition to the reports you select, you will be expected to:

  1. Read all of The ABCs of Rotary.
  2. Get acquainted with as many of the members of the club as possible by “sitting around” (choosing a different table at each club meeting).
  3. Participate in each of the Club Service assignments (Greeter, Fund Raiser, Speaker Host) at least once.
  4. Visit another club in our area (makeup opportunities are listed here).
  5. Interview a Past President to find out more about him/her and his/her term in office.
  6. Take a self-scored “final exam” upon completion of the course.

Syllabus and Report Resources

The linked pages below will tell you what to expect from each meeting and provide resources for the reports that will be given at that meeting.

Meeting One—Getting Acquainted

Meeting Two—Rotary Beginnings and Club Service

Meeting Three—Vocational, Community, and Youth Service

Meeting Four—International Service and The Rotary Foundation

Meeting Five—Rotary Beyond Our Club