Foundation Banners

The banners below are among many the club has received in recognition of its contributions to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International. The EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) banner (100% participation, $100 per capita) attests that every member of our club made a personal contribution to the Foundation during the stated Rotary year and the contributions of the club as a whole averaged $100 per member. The 100% Sustaining Member banner is a higher honor, indicating that every member personally contributed at least $100 in the stated year. In 2013–2014 and 2014–2015 , our contributions earned us a rank of #2 in per capita giving in District 6880.

Although it is not obvious from the photos, the size of the banners is an indication of their importance. The EREY banners are 10″ × 15″ and 10″ × 14″, while the 100% Sustaining Member banner is 14″ × 20″. Ironically, the banner for second place in the district is just 6¼″ × 8½″. Appropriately, the largest banner of all is the one that denotes our achievement in becoming a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club in June 2014.

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100% Paul Harris Fellows2011-2012 EREY2013-2014 EREY2013-2014 100% Sustaining Member2013-2014 #2 TRF Club.2014-2015 EREY2014-2015 100 percent SM2014-2015 #2 TRF Club 2015-2016 100 dollar average2015-2016 100 percent SM2015-2016 #3 TRF club2016-2017 100 dollar average2016-2017 100 percent SM