Club Assignments

Upcoming Club Service assignments. If you cannot be present on the date assigned to you, please arrange to swap with another member and report the change to our Bulletin Editor. All positions should be covered at each meeting.

Assignments more than a month out are subject to change, so please do not make firm plans until you receive your assignment in the mail.

Greeters should be at our meeting place no later than 11:55 a.m. to greet visiting Rotarians who think our meeting starts at noon (as many midday clubs do) and should continue to greet until 12:25. Fund Raisers should arrive no later than 12:15, eat lunch, and then pursue their tasks. Speaker Hosts should arrive no later than 12:30, preferably earlier, as guest speakers often arrive early. Alternates should also arrive before 12:30 if possible, to make sure all positions are covered.

Meeting Date


Fund Raiser

Speaker Host


September 4 Pope Purvis Reid Richey
September 11 Sanders Schnell Shrader Simmonds
September 18 Skaff Solomon Strunk Stump
September 25 Tubertini Turner Vira Vogel
October 2 Walcott Wall Walsh Wright
October 9 Yarbrough Zoghby Ainsworth Bassett
October 16 Beck Bishop Blacklaw Borroni
October 23 Brabston, G. Brabston, T. Breitfeller Britt
October 30 Bullington Callahan Chilelli Clark, C.


Greeter: Your job is to greet members, visitors, and guests as they arrive. Please stand in a position where you can easily spot and assist visitors (do not crowd the registration table). You may wish to wear the official “Greeter” badge.

Fund Raiser: Your job is to sell raffle tickets to all members and guests who wish to purchase one or more. Please offer the tickets to members and guests after they have been seated. By visiting each table you will get to know each member better, and you will sell more tickets. Do not attempt to sell tickets near the registration table. You may wish to come early, eat your own lunch, and then start after most of our members have arrived, but please arrange to have completed your collection before the program begins. NOTE: Many Fund Raisers have found that this is really a two-person job. You may want to recruit another Rotarian to assist you, or, if the person assigned to Alternate/Backup is not otherwise engaged, you may ask him or her to help. It is a good idea to start with the head table (where the speaker is seated). This table usually fills up (to the extent that it is going to) fairly early, and by starting here, you will be sure of getting to it before the program starts.

Speaker Host: Your job is to sit at the table with the guest speaker and provide any needed assistance in setting up for his or her program. If there is no guest speaker, please sit with one or more of the club officers. Please note that this job is not the same thing as program chairman! You are not responsible for lining up a speaker, just making him or her welcome at the meeting.

Alternate/Backup: If visiting Interactors or other students are present, your job is to welcome them and sit with them. Otherwise, you should make sure that the members assigned to the Greeter, Fund Raiser, and Speaker Host positions are present and should volunteer in place of anyone who is missing. If there are no visiting students and all positions are filled, please serve as an additional Speaker Host and/or offer to assist the Fund Raiser.