Rotarians publish more than 30 independent regional magazines. They’re distributed in more than 130 countries and published in 24 languages. Members of Rotary clubs worldwide are required to subscribe to one of these regional Rotary magazines, which reach more than 1.2 million people. Rotarians in the United States receive monthly copies of Rotary (formerly The Rotarian), Rotary’s flagship magazine, which has a circulation of about 500,000. Most opt for the print subscription, though it’s also possible to receive it electronically via Zinio. And now it’s also available online.

Established in 1911, Rotary (formerly The Rotarian) is the official magazine of Rotary International.  The magazine shows how Rotary is addressing issues in areas such as disease prevention, maternal and child health, literacy, peace and conflict resolution, economic development, and clean water. The Rotarian challenges readers to become more involved in service to their neighborhoods and to the global community. Eighteen Nobel Prize winners and 22 Pulitzer Prize winners have appeared in the pages of The Rotarian, including Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu, Pearl S. Buck, Scott Turow, Carol Guzy, and Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

The magazine also has a Facebook page.