The Rotary International website is divided into two separate but overlapping parts.

The outward-facing, public site has been redesigned to better represent Rotary to non-Rotarians, promoting awareness of what Rotary is and does.

For Rotary members, there is a new area, My Rotary, which expands the resources previously accessed through the “Rotary business portal,” previously called Member Access. In order to access some of the pages at My Rotary, you must create a login using your Rotary ID number and providing an email address and password. Once you have done this, you can change your Rotary Profile, see your Rotary Foundation Contribution History, make a donation to the Foundation, join a Rotary group, and so on. Club officers have deeper access that provides reports on club data.

The My Rotary page also provides a link to Rotary Club Central, where you can see what goals have been established for your club and how well they are being met.