A list of the Past Presidents of the club can be found at Past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Fairhope.

The Past Presidents currently still members of our club are:

2021–22         Mark J. Martin
2020–21         Edward C. Schnell
2019–20         Poenta C. Luckie
2018–19          Andrew P. Tubertini
2017–18          Chad O. Clark
2016–17          Brenda Garrison Hinds
2013–14          Howard N. Eddy
2010–11          Richard M. Phyfer
2008–09         PDG Robert B. Callahan, Jr.
2005–06          Leonard O. Turner II
2001–02          Joseph H. Bullington, Jr.
1999–00          N. Cecile Godfrey
1997–98          Xavier A. Hartmann
1996–97          Seth W. Moore
1993–94          Carswell M. Walcott
1986–87          Eugene W. Brabston
1976–77          PDG Henry Crawford

Since its founding, the club has provided five governors to what is now District 6880:

John T. “Tappy” Bradford 1964–1965
Cecil Pitman 1972–1973
Henry Crawford 1992–1993
Bob Callahan 2013–2014
Jerry Blacklaw 2020–2021

In addition, for a time the club was home to four Past District Governors, counting among its members Tom Scoggins (District 7620 1977–1978) and Denis Inkel (District 6840 1990–1991) in addition to Cecil Pitman and Henry Crawford. Also a member of the club at this time is PDG Linda Mong (2014–2015), who was a member of the Daphne–Spanish Fort club during her term as governor.