Meeting Four—International Service and The Rotary Foundation

This meeting will concentrate on Rotary International programs to promote worldwide under­standing and peace and how individual Rotarians can participate in these programs. It also covers The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International, which, directly or indirectly, funds most of these programs.

Assignment for this meeting:

  • Read pages 31–41 of The ABCs of Rotary.
  • Be prepared to give a report on the International Service topic you selected.
  • Be prepared to give a report on your interview with the Past President you selected.


Report topics and resources for International Service and The Rotary Foundation

History of The Rotary Foundation: Who is considered the founder of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International? When was it founded? See here. For more, see here. For a capsule history in comic book form, see “The Man Who Wouldn’t Give Up” from the November 2016 issue of The Rotarian.

Matching Grants: What are the two kinds of matching grants? What can they be used for? Find out more about global grants here. Learn more about district grants here and (more specifically for District 6880) here. What grants (of both kinds) has our club supported? See our International Projects page.

Paul Harris Fellow Recognition: What is a Paul Harris Fellowship? What is the history of PHFs? See here (with photos of the pins over the years). What is a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow? What other levels of recognition (for individuals and clubs) are available from the Rotary Foundation?

PolioPlus: How did Rotary launch what is now the Global Polio Eradication Initiative? Who are its partners in the “End Polio Now” effort? For a brief history of PolioPlus, see here (be sure to watch the video!). The Rotary Global History Fellowship page provides more detail. RI’s landing page is here, and there is also a dedicated End Polio Now website with GPEI news. As for the “plus” in PolioPlus, see here to download (PDF) a 2011 Rotarian article.

Rotary Foundation Funds: How is the Rotary Foundation funded? What are the types of funding to which contributions can be made? What is the SHARE system? What does DDF mean? What is the World Fund? For a quickie slide show on all of this, see here.

Rotary World Peace Fellows: When did this program begin? What was its purpose? How do you become a Peace Fellow? Where are the Peace Centers located? Get answers here.