Meeting Five—Rotary Beyond Our Club

This meeting emphasizes meetings and other activities of Rotary at a higher level than our club.

Assignment for this meeting:

  • Be prepared to give a report on the topic you selected.
  • Be prepared to give a report on your interview with the Past President you selected.
  • Be prepared to give a report on your experience making up at another club.


Report topics and resources for Rotary Beyond Our Club

Administration of Rotary International: Rotary’s worldwide activities are managed by a cadre of elected officers and boards as well as by the R.I. Secretariat, comprising 800 paid staff members at One Rotary Center, RI’s world headquarters in Evanston, Illinois, and other offices worldwide. The executive staff is headed by a General Secretary, currently John Hewko.

Annual District and International Meetings: Rotary International holds two major meetings each year. The Annual Convention, usually held in June, is held in a different location each year, and all Rotarians are eligible to attend. The International Assembly, held each year before February 15, provides training for district governors elect and their partners; read more about it on page 22 of The ABCs of Rotary. Each Rotary district is required to hold an annual conference sometime before the Annual Convention. District 6880 has historically held its conference the first weekend in May. In addition, the district must conduct a Training Assembly; in recent years, this has been held in conjunction with the district conference. In addition, District 6880 holds a Midyear Meeting in January or February. All Rotarians and their families are invited to attend either or both conferences.

Annual Rotary Themes: Each year the RI President chooses a theme for his (or someday her) administration. A logo is devised to represent the theme; this logo is used in official materials and plastered on all sorts of merchandise that can be purchased from Rotary’s licensed vendors. This Rotary Global History Fellowship page lists RI presidents and their themes, along with the logos. In addition to the theme, each RIP gets to select a special jacket to be worn by the president and other RI officers (such as district governors); page 47 in The ABCs of Rotary has more information on this. In recent years, the RIP has also selected an official tie. An article in the July 2010 issue of The Rotarian,All the Presidents’ Ties,” described this tradition. The text of that article (without the illustrations) can be found here.

Council on Legislation: Every three years, Rotarians meet at the Council on Legislation to review and vote on proposed changes to the legislation that governs Rotary. They consider enactments, which change Rotary’s governing documents, and position statements by the RI Board. Each district sends an elected representative to the COL. Changes enacted by the 2016 COL affect dues, types of clubs, types of membership, and attendance requirements.

Rotary’s Areas of Focus: Find information here.

Rotary Districts: There are currently more than 35,000 Rotary clubs worldwide. Your club and others in your geographic area are part of a district, led by your district governor. Districts help clubs connect to each other and access Rotary resources. There are around 530 districts, and these are organized into 34 zones. Each zone has about the same number of Rotarians.

The Rotary Club of Fairhope is part of District 6880, which encompasses the southern half of the state of Alabama (north Alabama clubs are in District 6860). Our district, which comprises 50 clubs, is relatively compact; some are much more extensive: District 5010 once encompassed parts of Alaska, Canada, and Russia. In June 2010, the Siberian clubs were split off, but consider the distance the District 5010 governor had to travel to visit all 70 clubs in his/her district. The first woman governor of that district, Carolyn E. Jones, also became Rotary International’s first woman trustee.

A district’s Nominating Committee chooses a district governor two years in advance; the selected individual becomes the District Governor Designee until the nomination is approved by members at the district conference, then the District Governor Nominee. After a year as DGN, the individual becomes District Governor Elect (DGE) for a year and then District Governor (DG). The district governor appoints other Rotarians (often past or prospective district governors) to chair various district committees.

Rotary District Committees: This page lists those recommended by R.I. Pages 24–30 of our current district directory (requires DACdb login) list those in District 6880. (Alternatively, log into DACdb and click on “View District COMMITTEES.”)

Rotary Fellowships: Start here for more information. See here for other ideas for international Rotary fellowship (twin clubs, Rotarian Action Groups, etc.).

Rotary Friendship Exchange: Who can participate in Rotary Friendship Exchanges? How are they arranged? See here.

Rotary Publications: See here for links about The Rotarian and Rotary World Magazine Press. For other Rotary publications, see the Rotary Document Center and Rotary Shop.

Rotary Youth Exchange: RYE is a program affiliated with Rotary but not sponsored by the Rotary Foundation; consequently, Rotarians and their relatives are not excluded from participation. Several members of our club have either hosted exchange students or had children who participated in exchanges. The program is operated regionally; our regional organization is SCRYE (South Central Rotary Youth Exchange). Find out more at and get specifics at