The board of trustees of the Fairhope Rotary Foundation is a legal entity separate and distinct from the board of directors of the Rotary Club of Fairhope. The board members serve as fiduciaries to hold and administer funds raised, donated, or bequeathed. The foundation started largely as a means of administering scholarship monies, but, beginning in 2010 under club president Ed Wall, the foundation was encouraged to build a permanent endowment that can benefit future generations in much the same way that the Endowment Fund (formerly known as the Permanent Fund) of The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International has grown into a highly respected and largely self-sustaining capital fund.

Current members of the Fairhope Rotary Foundation Board of Trustees:

President: Lee Turner
Vice President: Anil Vira
Secretary: Trinka Brabston
Treasurer: B. G. Hinds
Director at Large: Gene Brabston
Ex Officio: Mark Martin (Immediate Past President)
Ex Officio: Chris Shrader (President)
Ex Officio: Brian Lorenzato (President Elect)