Schedule of Touch Points

In an effort to encourage engagement with the club rather than mere meeting attendance, the Rotary Club of Fairhope has instituted a system of Touch Points as a metric for determining active membership. Attendance at club meetings will still be recorded and tracked, but Touch Points will also be used as a measure of participation. To that end, 40 TPs in a Rotary year will be considered minimal engagement; 50 TPs (which can be earned through attendance and makeups in the usual way) will be equivalent to 100% attendance.

Touch Points will be awarded according to the schedule below, and additional TPs may be assigned at the discretion of the president. Members are responsible for reporting TPs to the club secretary and shall be guided by the Four-Way Test. TPs must be reported weekly.

Activity Touch Point Value
Attend a club meeting 1
Attend a committee or board meeting 1
Attend a Supper Club meeting 1
Chair a committee 5
Serve on the board of the Rotary Youth Club 5
Attend a meeting of another Rotary club 1
Attend a meeting of a Rotaract or Interact club or a Rotary Fellowship 1
Attend a Rotary Youth Club activity 1
Participate in a Rotary Youth Club program, such as tutoring (per instance) 1
Apply for a grant 2
Publish the club bulletin 2
Send an announcement to the entire club membership 1
Post to social media: this includes posting to the RCF Facebook page or sharing a club or RI post on your own page or in a group such as the District 6880 group 1
Attend a club social event 1
Host a club social event (in addition to credit for attending) 3
Participate in a club service project 3
Participate in the service project of another club (including Rotaract, Interact, and Rotary Fellowships) 1
Participate in the service project of any other organization where you are identified as a Rotarian and promote Rotary 1
Attend a meeting (lasting at least one hour) with other club members (for club business) 1
Chair a club fundraiser (viz., steak cook-off) 5
Attend a meeting of the fundraiser planning committee 1
Participate in club fundraiser 3
Be responsible for participation of a non-Rotarian (e.g., spouse) in fundraiser 2
Attend a Rotary International convention, district conference, etc. (depending on duration and distance traveled) 1+